Driven Wellness specializes in Executive Wellness Coaching and Corporate Wellness Consulting.

Danielle Goss founded Driven Wellness in 2016 after working in healthcare, corporate dining and fitness industries as a Registered Dietitian. Through these experiences, Danielle recognized that a holistic approach to corporate wellness programming and personal well-being was the evidence-backed solution that employers and Americans needed.


Corporate Wellness Consulting 

Wellness program design and development are paramount in order to deliver a highly successful wellness initiative that engages employees and fosters a culture of well-being. There is no "one size fits all" approach to health. We partner with employers to assess current wellness programming and provide evidence-based solutions through our Comprehensive Corporate Wellness Assessment (CCWA). We recommend simple to implement programs that impact employees positively and teach them to practice a 24/7 wellness plan. We work with employers to customize a strategic wellness plan that creates an organizational culture supportive of employee health, well-being and performance.

Executive Wellness Coaching 

CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, founders, and business leaders can gain tremendous value from Executive Wellness Coaching. We help clients infuse energy into the aspects of life where it’s needed most for successful and long-lasting well-being. When you say “YES!” to Executive Wellness Coaching, you’re making the decision to redesign your life so the actions that matter most are the easiest to make.

You’ll work together with Danielle Goss to customize a wellness plan that meets your unique needs. You’ll take gradual steps in the right order as Danielle uses evidence-based solutions to guide you on your personal wellness journey.