CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, founders, and business leaders can gain tremendous value from executive wellness coaching. Danielle helps clients infuse energy into the aspects of life where it’s needed for successful and long-lasting well-being.

When you say “YES!” to Executive Wellness Coaching, you’re making the decision to redesign your life so the actions that matter most are as easy as possible to make.

You’ll work together with Danielle to customize a wellness plan that works for you. You’ll take gradual steps in the right order as Danielle uses her evidence-based proven process to guide you on your personal wellness journey. 


  • A Stanford survey reports that 66% of CEO's do not receive any advice from an outside consultant or coach—even though nearly 100% see the value of receiving coaching and would enjoy it.


Holistic Approach  
Every aspect of your life influences your state of health and well-being. Our executive wellness coaching includes 8 areas of focus.

  1. Physical

  2. Spiritual

  3. Social

  4. Intellectual

  5. Financial

  6. Emotional

  7. Environmental

  8. Fun

Why it’s effective

  1. A custom plan unique to you.

  2. Right amount of support. 

  3. Accountability to ensure successful long-lasting results.