Workshop Attendee

"Being able to interact and actually try healthier options I could make at home was what I liked best about the Driven Wellness workshops."


"I thought the workshops taught basic principles on how to make healthier choices while still maintaining balance. I appreciated that the activities were hands-on, but I also like the wellness tips that were emailed every Wednesday. I didn't participate in biggest loser challenge, but I wish I would have now that I look back. If it came around again, I definitely would join!"


"I loved the Driven Wellness nutrition coaching program! Danielle, with in-depth knowledgeable and excellent listening skills, is great at catering her suggestions to each participant's unique needs and goals. I would highly recommend the Driven Wellness program, for any workplace. Whether to lose weight or simply build better habits, it's something ALL employees can benefit from."

Workshop Attendee

"The Driven Wellness workshops were informative and well organized, plus very interactive and fun!"

Coaching Client

"I learned a lot about where I'm at and what I need to be successful in long-term weight loss."


"Your grilling information and food choices at the "Healthy Grilling Workshop" were great! Thank you!"

Employee at worksite with Driven Wellness programs

"I love your newsletters! Just thought I would share in case no one else has :)." 


"Thank you for your ongoing support while I'm working on my wellness goals. It really helps to motivate me!"

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